Motivation Pep Talk

I got inspired by this little blurb on the Writers Helpers tumblr, and thought I’d do something similar.  I’ll return to this whenever I need a kick in the pants (i.e. always).

Find Your Inspiration Sign

(Not sure who originally created this lovely image, but you can find it here.)

There’s no such thing as writer’s block.  That’s just you being scared and hypercritical.  But guess what?  No one is going to see what you write at this very moment.  Nobody will read over your shoulder, and tell you that your prose is poorly written. But if you don’t get it on the page now in all its raw, unkempt glory, how will you ever make it better?

Fight distraction like it’s a battle for your life.  This will be one of the hardest things.  You spend all day multitasking, opening a new tab and navigating to one of the websites you check daily.  Don’t do that while you’re writing.  Don’t pull yourself out of the scene.  Writing 50 words and then taking a 15-minute interwebs break does not count as writing.  Focus so long and hard that your work absorbs you.  Write the damn thing with as much attention as you’d like your future reader to pay to it.

You are the only one who will make you write.  No one else cares.  But if you want it badly–if that unfinished story pulls at a small part of your brain at all hours of the day; if you love your characters, or hate them, or feel anything for them at all; if the thought of quitting twists your stomach into a knot–go write.


3 thoughts on “Motivation Pep Talk

  1. Hello, I’ve read three of your post and you’re right! I should just write the damn thing. I’ve been really having a lot of hard time with a story I really want to write, so thank you very much! This, your posts, is exactly what I need!

    PS. Good luck with your novel!

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