Belated Update

Things I have done in the last month:

  • Finished my marketing internship
  • Moved from New York, to home (for a few days), then to college (for the last time!)
  • Was in a friend’s wedding
  • Kicked ass at my long distance relationship (and it’s long distance no longer, thank god)
  • Started summer classes
  • Got to about the halfway point of my novel
  • Outlined the remaining chapters of my novel (woo big deal!)
  • Started working with my creative writing prof, so now I have concrete deadlines and a guaranteed reader to keep me going!

excited kid gif

Things I have not done in the last month:

  • Updated this blog

arrested development charlie brown walk

So lots of things to be proud of, despite my delinquency when it comes to blogging here.  But the good news is that, despite this upheaval, I have been writing.  A TON.  I’m pretty excited about the outline, since now I know approximately the number of chapters and words left to write before I finish this draft.

What with classes, homework, part-time jobs, and writing, I have less time to blog now than I did the past few months.  But now that I’m finally settled in, I’ll try and post more regularly.  My current goal is once per week.


What do you think?

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