Writing the End

I intended to write an in-depth post about writing novel endings, but considering that it’s finals week at my college, and my own novel ending is due tomorrow but is mostly unwritten (!), this is just going to be a brief update and list of resources, instead.

So this week I’ve been working on a couple final papers in addition to trying to finish the draft of my novel.  I just need to turn in the last two chapters…chapters I’ve hardly planned, because I’ve sort of believed I’d never get this far.

Full disclosure: I won’t really have a full draft by tomorrow.  Not a complete one.  I still need to go back and fill in gaps (there are a few chapters I added to my outline when I had that no-plot realization/epiphany/crisis,  but haven’t written yet).  However, I’m still going to count this as a mini victory and take the appropriate steps to celebrate it–catching up on sleep and taking a break from the novel for a bit.

As I write, I’m just going to remind myself that a lot of this ending will get rewritten.  Maybe even all of it.  The important thing will be that I’ve finally reached the end!

Here are some useful resources I found while looking for tips on writing endings.  Hopefully one or two of these can help you too!


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