Short Story Index?

Can we all agree that reading is one of the most important training tools we have as writers?  Yes?  Okay, so with that out of the way, let me tell you about a little idea:

If I’m having trouble writing a story, I find it super helpful to read how a variety of other writers have written about the subject I’m writing about, or how others have used a certain device.  Real life example: In the story I wrote recently, a character has an unexpected encounter with an ex.  As I was writing the moment when he first sees her, I wished I had some examples of how other writers have handled the “first glimpse” moment in their stories.

And how cool would it be if those examples were all in one place, easy to find?  And if other people could submit examples as they find them?  This is obviously a big undertaking, but I think it could be a neat and useful project.

What do you guys think?  Does something like this already exist?  If not, would you find a catalog of short stories helpful?


What do you think?

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