The Year of Projects


It’s been 2015 for over two weeks already, which has given me just enough time to think through the whole new year, new you sort of thing that has been running around the internet like this dog on a playground merry-go-round.

hyper dog gif

My 2014 ended with more of a sigh of relief than a bang, and after that I went on vacation, so on the 1st of the month I was nowhere near ready to come to any sort of “resolution.”

I’m not as into structured resolutions now as I was as a kid.  Rather, I’m more about initiating some personal-life-fulfillment momentum.  A kick in the pants to stop whining about the things I don’t like, and put that energy into doing more of the things I enjoy.  Although I haven’t defined exactly where I want to be by December 31st, 2015, I’ve thought about how I feel about my life now, and how I want to feel the next year, and the year after.

Allow me to get more specific.

There are things that are good for me which I don’t do enough, like write and exercise.

Then there are other interests which I want to continue devoting time to and write more about, like cooking and reading.

And then there are other, newer interests; creative endeavors I haven’t devoted much time to in the past but want to explore because I feel like they could enrich my life.  Or at the very least amuse me for a hot second.

I’m going to try more of the routine thing.  It’s success will be entirely dependent, I think, on how flexible my sleep schedule proves to be. Perspective is another biggie here.  With the demands of a still adjusting to a newish job (and one for which, let’s all just face it, I don’t exactly have a natural aptitude), I sometimes allow the stress to follow me out the doors of my office building, into my car, all the way home to the oasis of my couch, where it makes itself comfortable.  No way can I get shit done with that going on.

I got a new Moleskine notebook to kick the year off, and I intend to use it solely for the purpose of planning these projects I’ve outlined for myself.


What I’m reading this week:

A visualization of how creatives throughout history structured their days.  Do we really know for sure the exact hours these folks slept, wrote, etc.?  Whatever.  I feel like this would make awesome wall art.

The Dear Prudence advice column on Slate, which never ceases to stir within me some combination of amusement, pity, and horror.

The infographic on the age at which our favorite writers have published their most famous books from Electric Literature.

And lastly, this blog with some awesome writing tips.


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