Bad Writer Confessions: I Haven’t Written in 1 Month

We’re halfway through 2015, guys!

Don’t look at me like that. I don’t control these things.

I’ve been reflecting back on some of the new year’s projects I mentioned in January, and have come to the sad realization that I probably will not finish my novel this year.

It’s not impossible. I mean I do have a more presentable draft that I am more happy with than I have been, ever. But considering the amount of work the whole thing still needs–at least half of the chapters rewritten, and then another 5-6 months of a combined cool-off/editing frenzy period, and it just doesn’t seem likely.

Make that like 6 years running.

This wouldn’t be a huge deal…

  • except that I feel tied to this project
  • and unwilling to start something new because I feel like I must finish at this point
  • and guilty for not writing because it’s what I’ve always wanted to do, and now I finally have some time (if not the energy) to do it.

Add to that the fact that I’ve been blogging and vlogging about writing as if I know something about it, and I’ve got myself a potent case of imposter syndrome.

I don’t want to get all woe-is-me here because it’s honestly not like that. I’ve been succeeding in other important parts of my life. I’ve been exploring new and old interests like I meant to in early 2015. Making the videos like the one above. Cooking and baking. Keeping in touch with my family. Traveling some. More often staying home. Reading a lot of good books (and really overachieving on my unaggressive Goodreads goal).

I’m not giving up on my novel, but I’m also not missing it much.


7 thoughts on “Bad Writer Confessions: I Haven’t Written in 1 Month

  1. Yep, writing funks happen. All those inspirational quotes from other writers are great, until they’re more de-motivating than they are helpful. From one partial novelist to another, I hope you get back to your novel soon, but don’t think that taking a break makes you not a writer. Besides, you’re still producing this blog, yes? That’s writing, too. :-)

  2. I feel your pain. For a lot of reasons I haven’t written properly in months … the last couple of days I’ve tried to get my mojo back but it’s hard … worse, I’ve lost 3 incomplete books which I was a LONG way into … not good! But if it kills me I’ll start writing again this month … just got back from holiday and POSSIBLY going in August … if I am that might lift my mood and i’ll write more. It’s so hard to get the rhythm going again when you stop for a while.

  3. Writing a novel is like having a second job! Just think of it like a holiday :) I’ve been writing my novel for 6 years and most of that was on and off throughout high school. It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve been really committed, but I still have weeks where I don’t do anything. My critique partners keep my on track.

    • That’s a great way to think about it–as a holiday from that job–and has legitimately made me feel a lot brighter about the whole situation this morning. Thanks for sharing and reading!!

      • I’m glad I could help!! I know it’s awful being guilty for not writing, but we all need holidays from everything now and then :)

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