New Reading Like a Writer Series!

Here’s a quick update on the new reading series I’m starting, “This is Why You Love [Insert Your Fav Here]” It’s book reviews, plot untangling, character analysis, and reading like a writer all in one.

One of the things I miss about college is discussing books in-depth in my English classes. Spending thirty minutes on running motifs or themes in a novel certainly looks trivial at some distance, but I do think you can tease out a lot of learnings from your reading, as well as your understanding of the world, from zooming into a book at that level. Besides my 5 Short Stories to Make You a Better Writer post from AGES ago, I haven’t done much of this in any formal way.

Let me know if you have suggestions for books I should feature–preferably ones that have a lot going on in them plot or structure-wise, or that are well written. Right now the plan is to pull from my personal library as well as what I read for college English classes.


What do you think?

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