My 2015 Goodreads Challenge Recap

I finished my Goodreads challenge 5.5 months early because I have a severe lack of confidence in my reading volume abilities! 25 out of 25, baby.

I talk about the best- and worst-of, and answer these questions which I made up and which have no real significance:

  • What was the first book you read this year?
  • The last book?
  • What was the longest book you read this year?
  • What was the shortest book you read this year?
  • Which book was the most difficult to get through?
  • Which was the quickest?
  • What was the book that most surprised you?
  • Which was you least favorite book?
  • Which was your favorite book?

Also I’m super curious–do you guys do the Goodreads challenge? What do you usually set your number at? Also if you want to link to your challenges I’d love to check out what you’re all reading!


3 thoughts on “My 2015 Goodreads Challenge Recap

  1. This is my challenge: I’ve read 24 books this year – we’ve read about the same amount! I’ve got my challenge at 40 books as I’ve got a TBR pile sitting at home of 100+ – I’m hoping to mow through them over the next two years so I can start finishing all the series I’ve started. I really like your v-blogs! They are starting to give me the confidence to put my face out there!

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