Writing Vlog I: Novel Outlining (with Sticky Notes!)

Hi friends!

I haven’t been posting as regularly to Don’t Be A Writer this past year as I did the year previously.  A huge part of that is just my obligations and schedule changing as I go from college student mode to…post-college student?  I don’t want to say adult because, come on, we’re all adults here.  And all of this, no matter what you’re doing, is “real life.”

But I think there’s another, less glamorous reason I haven’t been posting as frequently, which is that I’ve gotten a bit bored.  I feel like I don’t have a ton to contribute in the way of writing encouragement or tips when my writing practice is primarily me waking up early in the morning, hammering out 500 words or so before heading off to work, and calling it good.  I haven’t been thinking as deeply about writing itself because I just don’t have the energy.

One of my projects in this Year of Projects I wrote about last time is to address this.  One thing you may not know about me is that I love Youtube.  Like, a lot.  When I get home in the evenings, sometimes I’ll watch a show, but more often I’m catching up on the latest from my favorite Youtubers.  I sort of thought that everyone had vloggers, etc. who they follow and keep up with, but I understand that’s not the case!  And I pity you.

Saying you don’t like Youtube is a bit like saying you don’t like reading.  There are just so many different types of videos/books that I think you likely just haven’t found the right channel yet.

Enter my video.

Just kidding!  I’m not saying I’m the right channel.  There are many, many more experienced, thoughtful Youtubers than myself who have been doing this for years and really perfected their craft.  I’ll link to some of those below.

But it’s true that I’ve recently started a Youtube channel.  Just to try something different.  You’ll see that so far I’ve talked primarily about books and writing (shocking), so really I’m thinking of this as another format through which I hope to connect with other people who are interested in this stuff (MAYBE PEOPLE LIKE YOU?!?!).

I may start posting more of my thoughts on writing and progress updates in video form.  It felt nice to talk through my struggles and worries just me and the camera rather than writing it all down and then to go back and edit my post.  I still had to edit this video, but the footage was done–I’d said what I’d said, and there was not really a way to edit the content of the video–just taking out a lot of the “um”s.

So watch if you want to. Subscribe if you want updates when there’s more.

Bookish Youtube Channels I recommend:


Ariel Bissett


Other channels that any human will find interesting:


ASAP Science

Wheezy Waiter

Good Mythical Morning

Nerdy and Quirky


Smarter Every Day