4 Best Harry Potter Fan Theories

No spoiler alerts here. If these books are still in your TBR pile then there’s nothing even I can do to help you.

To those who might be wondering: yes, I am still working on my novel.  Yes, it is still going slowly.  Yes, it is entirely because of my lack of dedication. You know how there’s this little graphic that talks about the difficulty of balancing sleep, grades, and social life in college?


Well, for me in my post-college life, it looks more like good work performance, exercise regularly, write regularly.  And guess which one I’ve been sacrificing more often than not as of late?

Making YouTube videos doesn’t help, but I feel like because it’s a creative project, it kind of counts.

Ever since this little theory about how the Dursleys are so terrible because Harry is a horcrux surfaced across the internet, I’ve been looking for more of these fan theories. Partly because speculating about the series was such an integral part of my enjoyment of the world, and partly because there are some, shall we say, creative headcanon floating around out there.

From Voldemort’s serenade to Azkaban movie nights, these are some of the most amusing I found. Click through to the video watch page for links to all the theory sources!


35 Things to Do Besides Write (Which Will Improve Your Writing)

Writers write, sure, but you can’t be writing all the time.  Take a break once in a while!

Here are a bunch of things you can do instead that will have you coming back to your desk reinvigorated and full of ideas.

  1. Read a book you love.  Pay attention to what makes you love it. Is it the author’s word choice? The suspense?  The rhythm?
  2. Read something you’ve never read before: new author, new genre, whatever.
  3. Play with a child (or a bunch of children)yerin park sled Continue reading

Motivation Pep Talk

I got inspired by this little blurb on the Writers Helpers tumblr, and thought I’d do something similar.  I’ll return to this whenever I need a kick in the pants (i.e. always).

Find Your Inspiration Sign

(Not sure who originally created this lovely image, but you can find it here.)

Continue reading

12 Ways to Start Writing Again

More than two weeks ago, I finished up a one-act play–I did the final edit, hit the deadline, then heartily congratulated myself.
12 Ways to Start Writing Again

In the days leading up to the deadline, I was writing 3+ hours each day in order to get the thing done (yes, I procrastinated a bit).  Once the piece was complete, a short reprieve from writing seemed to be in order.  My current internship started the following day, and now that few days has grown into nearly 3 weeks.  Not cool. Continue reading