My Weekend Writing Routine

Since I have a full time job, the weekends are when the most writing can happen—as long as these essentials are in place!


My 2015 Goodreads Challenge Recap

I finished my Goodreads challenge 5.5 months early because I have a severe lack of confidence in my reading volume abilities! 25 out of 25, baby.

I talk about the best- and worst-of, and answer these questions which I made up and which have no real significance:

  • What was the first book you read this year?
  • The last book?
  • What was the longest book you read this year?
  • What was the shortest book you read this year?
  • Which book was the most difficult to get through?
  • Which was the quickest?
  • What was the book that most surprised you?
  • Which was you least favorite book?
  • Which was your favorite book?

Also I’m super curious–do you guys do the Goodreads challenge? What do you usually set your number at? Also if you want to link to your challenges I’d love to check out what you’re all reading!

New Reading Like a Writer Series!

Here’s a quick update on the new reading series I’m starting, “This is Why You Love [Insert Your Fav Here]” It’s book reviews, plot untangling, character analysis, and reading like a writer all in one.

One of the things I miss about college is discussing books in-depth in my English classes. Spending thirty minutes on running motifs or themes in a novel certainly looks trivial at some distance, but I do think you can tease out a lot of learnings from your reading, as well as your understanding of the world, from zooming into a book at that level. Besides my 5 Short Stories to Make You a Better Writer post from AGES ago, I haven’t done much of this in any formal way.

Let me know if you have suggestions for books I should feature–preferably ones that have a lot going on in them plot or structure-wise, or that are well written. Right now the plan is to pull from my personal library as well as what I read for college English classes.